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Production Services

royally simple


IMF makes film shooting & production in India royally simple. 
Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen. No excuses, no explanations — if we can, we will. 


In India, we’re more than your local ally. We’re your hosts, you get a kingly welcome.


We’ll go the extra mile, pull the extra shift, and shoot the extra hour — our commitment is to making production & shooting not an exercise, but an experience.

Red tape, crew hires, safety, comfort, travel, local knowledge, and inside tips: we take care of it all! 


Come experience incredible India with us.

why shoot in India?

Diverse Narratives: Embrace India's cultural tapestry with 1500+ languages, diverse festivals, and ethnic groups for compelling storytelling.

Technology & Technical Expertise: Access cutting-edge film and video equipment, enabling seamless creativity and innovation.

Industry Network: Tap into a thriving community of talented professionals with diverse expertise in video production.

Cultural Extravaganza: Immerse in vibrant traditions, from Varanasi, the oldest living city to Ayurveda practises & the birthplace of Yoga. 

Visual Wonderland: Capture breathtaking landscapes across climates, from snowy peaks to subtropical deserts, reflecting diverse seasons. One destination, global visuals. 

Ease of doing Business: Single-window clearances and permissions. Affordable high-quality rentals and crews. 

Climate Diversity: Film in different seasons and climates, from lush greenery to India's unique wettest inhabited place.

Culinary Adventures: Savour 31+ cuisines, elevating your production with rich flavors and cultural experiences. No crew will go hungry. 

Easy Access: Engage with English-speaking locals, simplifying communication and project coordination.

Global Connectivity: Stay connected with India's 2nd largest internet users and mobile network operators. The fastest growing road network and diverse flight connectivity. 

Cinematic Festivals: Be part of India's 2nd largest film industry, experiencing its vibrant cinematic culture, heritage and innovations. 

Topographic Variety: Explore 37 UNESCO world heritage sites, showcasing India's visually captivating and diverse geography.



  • Overpriced services, facilities & manpower

  • Lack of transparent market rates 

Communication & Collaboration

  • Time zone & Language barriers

  • Lack of clear & direct communication

  • Lack of cooperative & proactive attitude

  • 1,500 spoken languages/dialects


  • Red tape & complicated compliances

  • Safety, cleanliness & hygiene concerns

  • Lack of transparency in pricing & payments

  • Questionable quality & accounting standards


  • Absence of organised training

  • Unstructured approach & data flow

  • Lack of proper planning & preparedness

Ethics & Practices

  • Lack of assertiveness in decision making

  • Accustomed to damage control & problem solving

  • Lack of Resources

  • No method to madness 

we make it easy


  • Billing on Actuals & refunding unused fees  

  • Defined  upper limit for budgetNo minimums

  • Audit rights to the client (at cost)

Process Driven

  • Fully thought-out execution methodology

  • Detailed out & Defined process

  • Streamlined Communication & Collaboration

Systems & Quality

  • Pan India Location Database

  • Extensive crew & vendor Database

  • Defined quality process & Audit 

  • Defined training plan for entire crew

Green Initiative

  • Execution planned to leave a minimum impact on the environment

  • Minimise waste & manage waste

  • Use & reuse of Eco-friendly items where possible

Safety & security

  • Strict measures for maintaining a safe work atmosphere 

  • Safe & monitored travel plans for women crew members

  • Safe, sanitised & dedicated production facilities for women

Value for Money

  • Saving time and money where it counts

  • Consultative approach to budgets & schedules

  • Personal connections for better rates

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